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Monday, March 17, 2008

If it's from NASA, it must be true

The beauty with conspiracy theories is that we have the freedom to choose to believe them or not. A discriminating mind is able to judge whether some seemingly far-fetched evidence is real or whether it is a hoax. Ideally, that should not be a matter of choice. But often the evidence we are presented is of such an unbelievable nature that only the most liberated thinker can accept it as truth in the face of all objection to the contrary. You see, there is that element from the extreme right which holds sway over much of what we purport to call free thought. That huge and influential segment of the population is unwilling to entertain thoughts that there are civilizations in this Universe that do not have their origins on this world and that the people of those other worlds have the same innate propensity for exploration and discovery as we do and that in some cases they may even have crossed paths with our world in the process.

If the evidence comes from NASA in the form of images taken from an orbiting space craft and if NASA can confirm that they are unretouched and in their original format then we must prepare ourselves to experience a not too subtle reality check. Such evidence exists. Hundreds of thousands of images exist of the moon taken by unmanned satellites and by the astronauts on the Apollo spacecraft while awaiting the return of the astronauts from the surface. There are many which contain anomalous features which any enthusiastic UFO buff could describe as alien structures and are no doubt natural formations created by forces not always completely understood but there is evidence presented by an artifact in one location on the dark side of the moon which is more than just compelling and thought provoking. It is irrefutable.

Trapped in a crater and half buried by history lies what to any untrained observer appears to be a spaceship. It might be described as cigar-shaped. It is definitely not natural. The object was first detected by the Apollo 15 crew in 1971 as the command module passed over the Delporte region on the side turned away from the Earth.

Image AS15-P-9625

Such is my desire for the undisputed truth that I cannot allow myself to take seriously reports of a secret Apollo 20 mission to the moon in 1976 to investigate the artifact. However, I will not discount that it is possible. The ostensible details of the purported mission are revealed in an amusing skeptics' site called Galaxiki, from which I have lifted a couple of the images on this post.

The original Apollo 15 image can be viewed at the Universities Space Research Association's affiliated website, the Lunar Planetary Institute. The image is given the mundane title AS15-P-9625. The object in question can clearly be seen when the image is panned to the right.

Of course this was considered to be a most intriguing site and subsequent passes were made over the area by other Apollo missions and lunar orbiting satellites. Improved photographic instruments and electronic photo enhancement reveal that this is no optical illusion.

AS15-P-9625          AS15-P-9625

Actual video of the Apollo mission flyovers are available for viewing on line. Additional images taken by Apollo 15 and 17 of the site can be found on the relevent pages at the Lunar Planetary Institute's site. Prepare to do some searching.

The web, as a rich resource of information, is bound to cause NASA and other government bodies to eventually rethink their policies regarding the dissemination of what they might consider to be sensitive information. I strongly believe that the public has a right to know developments generated by publicly funded organizations. I believe this right to be inherent and without restriction.

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