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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dark matter in the form of invisible galaxies

Technically, dark matter can be equated with dark energy, since matter is energy. Gravity effects have been observed in deep space and have been attributed to dark energy which is measurable by observation but the sources of which are undetectable to most observatories. Given recent data, all the results have apparently not been coming in and of course this is probably because the resources available to the community lag far behind the numbers of eager astronomers lining up to buy time on them for their own particular research projects. But occasionally results are forthcoming, and on the subject of dark matter possibly partially in the form of massive dust clouds which obscure entire galaxies from view and which might provide the explanation to many similar observations. The galaxies which produce these dust clouds are very dense and their stars are constantly colliding within one another inside them. This stirs up a lot of dust.

This set of photographs from two different sources provide some interesting food for thought.

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