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Monday, January 21, 2008

Domestic UFO's not so U anymore

It is not entirely inconceivable that so-called "UFO's" are actually experimental craft designed and built by extraordinary people, not just those in the employ of government sponsored research institutions but the hobbyist next door with money to burn.

Below is an actual image of the Avrocar, developed jointly by North Americans on both sides of the Canadian border with co-operation from the British, at the Avro-Canada plant in Malton, Ontario, taken from the The Toronto Star in a story published on February 11, 1953.

The Avrocar

The project was abandoned when it was found that stability problems which occurred when trying to control the craft to altitudes over six feet could not be overcome. Nowadays such a problem would not be at all insurmountable. Here is an official looking AVRO Canada VZ-9A AVRO car site of sorts. Apparently, by 1960 there was no flying saucer design plan in trial production.

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