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Monday, January 21, 2008

Global warming irreversible no matter what - a rehash

It is an indisputable fact that the world is going through a phase of climate change but are we completely right in blaming only ourselves, and where the burden does lie on our shoulders, are we ever really going to do anything about it? Let's run through a list of the reasons that the world is getting warmer.

1. We are in the final stages of the last ice age - the ice is continuing its thawing phase. It is a fact that it takes longer for the world to cool than it does for it to warm up. The last ice age began after the eruption of the last great colossal super volcano, about 25,000 years ago. The commonly held belief is that the world thawed out about 10,000 years ago, but in fact the glaciers, while accumulating more snow over the winters, are thawing more than that accumulation over the summers, with the compounding effect of the loss of that ice removing an important contributor to the cooling of our atmosphere.

2. We are converting Oxygen into CO2 gases and thrusting them out of the exhausts of jet airplane engines into the upper atmosphere at a truly mind-boggling rate. That is a sensitive reality because people love to fly, airplane manufacturers love to earn huge contracts from airlines, and governments love to receive the huge chunks of tax revenues from those monstrous manufacturers, not to mention all those travel and accommodation companies and the billions they've invested in lucrative tourist destinations.

3. A phase of the cycle of precession (the wobble of the earth on its axis) is causing regions of both polar ice covers to thaw, removing an important thermal contributor from the effect of atmospheric cooling. That is a huge natural influence on global warming, another something over which we have no control.

4. The atmosphere is fast becoming the interior of an always-on microwave oven. Microwaves, which actually represent the frequency of heat, are constantly irradiating the air around us because they are the fundamental carrier waves of cellular communications. Another sticky wicket, politically speaking. Where would Finland be without Nokia? But for all we know, they might very well be the biggest single invisible influence on global warming.

5. CO2 and Methane emissions from automobiles, livestock, and decaying vegetable matter are further contributing to the accumulation of greenhouse gases. Ditto all those political and natural reasons that won't stop that anytime soon. Also, if we were really so conscious of Global warming then automobiles would be a rarer sight on the roads and highways and large sedans would be almost nonexistent. Most people would be pooling, taking public transit, biking and walking, or staying home. The fact is, nobody really cares about global warming, at least enough to do anything about it on their own.

6. Industrial smokestack emissions contribute greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. In all fairness, there is a certain cancellation effect on warming in that the particulates from those emissions are actually blocking sunlight, in effect providing the same kind of cooling influence that caused the last ice age after the eruption of that super volcano about 25,0000 years ago.

It is very apparent that China has been singled out as a prime culprit for no other reason than that the existing industrialized nations feel threatened by the awakening bear that their huge economic potential represents. It is already impacting on the value of the dollar, global industrial economic output, and runaway exports turned out by a hyperactive manufacturing sector producing quality goods cheaply. And they have only just begun! In my opinion, people are becoming too well informed to fall for the rhetoric much longer. I suggest we all just stop picking on China, park our cars, put the phone down, stay home, and enjoy the warm weather.

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