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Monday, January 21, 2008

How to live right

Today (Jun-18-07) on Townhall, Frank Pastore talks about Paris Hilton's book selections while she is in stir. One of the books she is reading is titled The Secret Revealed: Exposing the Truth about the Law of Attraction. The 'secret' of The Secret is based on Wallace Wattles 1910 book The Science of Getting Rich. Pastore recalls an interview he had with Australian T.V. producer Rhonda Byrne about her 'discovery' of the secret after reading Wattles' book:

"..everything is essentially energy, including us, and if we can just learn to vibrate at the right frequency, we can, according to the Law of Attraction, learn to attract desirable things from the Universe. Want a new house, a new car, more money, great health or even romantic partners? Then just emit the right frequency to the Universe and like a mirror, it will bounce back whatever you want. You emit the right frequency when you feel happy and think the right thoughts. Fail to do so, and you attract bad things. Good things happen to those vibrating properly, and bad things to those who don’t vibrate so well."
Well, let's have a look at my life, shall we?

I must say that I am spiritually at peace. I would say that in spite of all things (I am still living out of my car!) I am, generally speaking, in a happy frame of mind. "Always look on the bright.. side of life.., te-dum; te-dum te-dum te-dum". So I should, according to Wattles, be attracting the right things.

Well, I can say with some assurity that I appear to be on the right track. It is the beginning of summer in the sunniest city in North America. I sleep every night under the stars, curled up across the two front seats in my '94 Topaz and getting habituated. The lake is a few seconds away and the peace at night is never disturbed, enhanced maybe by the rare presence of one of the most curious creatures I have ever seen, a juvenile Double Crested Cormorant wading close to the sand, following the curved beachhead with ever so much trepidation and then finally jabbing into the water with his beak to pick at some delicacy, its sinewy neck snaking ahead of its supple form. I see these only at night. At dusk I will see Snowy Egrets, Common Petrels, hundreds of mature Cormorants, and of course the ubiquitous gulls, ducks and geese. And the occasional swallows. I took a walk in High Park on Sunday and chatted with a few fishermen, who were casting no more than 10 feet into Grenadier Pond and pulling out Sunfish and little Rock Bass. I was buzzed by a red-winged blackbird protecting his territory, that's fairly common there and kind of cool. I know where at dusk in the park I can see the Purple Martins darting around at breakneck speed, snapping up tiny little flying insects and mosquitoes and managing to avoid colliding - another of nature's little miracles. I know where at the end of Grenadier pond just before the reeds begin I can see trout jumping a foot and a half out of the water for their share. And I know where at a certain time of year in late summer I could walk into a small cloud of giant dragonflies bearing down in my direction and flying just around me, each a full six inches long. That's a rare sight, and not guaranteed, but it's happened. I loved living close to this park back in the eighties. I learned all the secret trails through the bush and easily found the meditative calm that comes only from being at one with nature.

I have a routine, where I check the job ads on various websites, review my options with respect to potential housing and other forms of sustenance such as the free meals provided weekly around the city by various parish organisations. I read books and occasionally review them here, and of course I blog about any and all things interesting. And I guess it is the latter that gives my the greatest satisfaction and contributes most to my feelings of well-being. I enjoy writing. I guess I am living the life of the "starving writer".

Oh, and I buy lottery tickets, just one 'quick pick' with the encore draw for three bucks for every draw, no matter how big the jackpot. I figure if you're gonna win you're gonna win and buying more chances aren't going to do it if you're not. And so I will tell you the results of emitting the right frequencies and feeling happy and thinking the right thoughts. Now keep in mind that even a small cash win means a lot to me, because I am pretty much living hand to mouth with virtually no capital assets to speak of. In the last week and a half I have won the following (I'm putting them down as I remember them, not necessarily in chronological order, and I am not making anything up!):
1. $10.00 (6/49)
2. a free ticket (6/49)
3. a free ticket with encore(6/49)
4. $10.00 (Super Seven)
5. two free tickets with encore by the encore number on the same ticket (Super Seven)
6. $69.70 (6/49)
Now if that isn't living right I don't know what is. My subconscious is very aware of my needs these days, and I really do occasionally wish consciously for a win when my mind turns to the next draw. But in a way that could be construed as thinking right.

Wallace Wattles was right.

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