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Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm an evolutionist - there! I've said it

Evolutionists need not go far to find imperfection in "God's creation". There is evidence for the less than perfect nature of this three dimensional reality beyond the fact that anomalous accommodations in its physical laws must exist to maintain it. Progressive elemental assembly does not guarantee stability. Metallic elements readily release outer orbital electrons. Ions and isotopes of common elements exist which do not conform to the ideal configuration of the atom in which there is a balance of charges in the nucleus with the electron charges outside the nucleus. The heavier and more complex the atom the more unstable it becomes to the point that the heaviest elements can only be created in the laboratory and exist only for a very short time. Phosphorus, atomic number 15, is mildly radioactive and only exists in a combined state with other elements and incidentally happens to be essential for life. It is found in bones, teeth, muscle and nerves as well as in the nucleus of cells in the form of nucleoproteins and is important in the metabolism of sugar. Out of imperfection, life.

During creation, the initial production of the elements after the establishment of stable subatomic particles is not ordered as it is in the periodic table, but rather jumps around in it during the creation process. One wonders why all the energies do not assemble into hydrogen which is the simplest of the elements and the first to be produced during creation. This can be largely attributed to the presence of the neutron which ordinary hydrogen does not have, but the fact is that those energies almost do judging from the relative abundance of that element. In any event, the natural anthropocentric order could not be met with hydrogen alone.

It is probable that before the introduction of individual identities into the spiritual realm was made possible the evolution of life had been occurring for billions of years before the forthcoming of those initial forces that prepared our world for our presence upon it, for that kind of advanced technology represents the continuing process that manifests and evolves consciousness from that original premonition in the beginning. As we continue to evolve, we too will learn to evict from our natures those physical energies that limit our selves to this finite state but which made possible the development of the unique identity that we each represent. We are also of the spirit, for without it we would not be and there would be no existence.

The perpetuation of life becomes the mission to which we direct ourselves, and this occurs on more planes than the one we currently inhabit. We will have the same responsibilities where that is concerned in the spiritual realm as well but in a different form. We owe that to those who made us possible. They are God. We, the Universe, made Him too.

Evolution is ongoing. The determination that drives research and technological development will one day find itself on the threshold of the systematic deconstruction of this physical realm so that we may exist for the rest of time unconfined by it. The process that guides this is intuitive. We are leading ourselves there without realizing it. One way to measure our progress is through the understanding that a manifestation of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle occurs in our study of existence using super colliders and particle accelerators to essentially destroy the object under study. As he said, we cannot know the atom with any certainty because we affect the object under study with the technique we use to observe it. We have a long way to go. Destruction is not deconstruction.

There is harmony in the intrinsic nature of reality, however imperfect this reality may be. Gravity and intelligence are symbiotic with relativity and order. Intelligence and relativity are integrated into the fabric of space-time and are subliminal components of the natural schema. Gravity and order permits the existence of nature in a closed ecological biosphere wherein the creation process can repeat itself within a concentrated time frame such that conscious intelligence can rationalize existence in a self-replicating process. In this way, the continuum of space-time is ever present and forever growing and expanding.

The anthropic principle, which states that the Universe is the way it is otherwise we would not be here to observe it would still apply if the Universe were any other way. The ordering of the Universe, any way that it turns out, is yet intelligently shaped to accommodate itself. The evolution of intelligent beings factors into the equation for creation.

The process of the development of atomic structures is analogous to that of the organization of the resulting elements into the component products that assemble to produce a sentient being. Sub-atomic particles yield atoms which yield molecules which yield logical assemblies of the basic constituents of what become the practical harbingers of cognizance. And this all happens in the sea of consciousness that is this coherency called the Universe; consciousness destined to be cornered and trapped by individual cognizant entities, not objects.

The entire Universe is a sea of interaction. There is no vacuum, only the relative spatial and particle density within which we appreciate it.

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