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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

That place in nothing

Notwithstanding that there can be no place in nothing for the Universe to have begun -- ergo no center of the Universe -- logic dictates that this is intrinsically impossible; that there must be a reference point from which the Universe first began and from which it began expanding. Perhaps a conclusion can be drawn out of theory as to the evolutionary process wherein matter and space are first created to that inevitable end where we are left only with a void and all matter and energy within that void has disappeared, unravelled and expired. If our theory is correct then the beginnings of that process must lie somewhere; must be observable.

Perhaps that very region has been found. NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anisotopy Probe (WMAP) satellite produced a map of the Cosmic Microwave Background which appears to be disrupted by the presence of a large hole seemingly devoid of the presence of matter. It is being called the "WMAP Cold Spot". The spot is huge, about a billion light years across and is located between six and ten billion light years from Earth.

When viewing a computer generated cross section of the Universe we are presented with an image which shows strings of galaxies occupying filaments of matter like some dense web in the darkness of space. We are reminded of our theory that there is an end to existence, that even as the creation process continues for perpetuity at the periphery of the Universe, all things must pass in time and the energies that make up particles of matter and force must have a "shelf-life", eventually also passing in time in a process already begun at that place which we should now be able to identify and where creation began. Those galactic filaments can almost be seen to shrink and atrophy even as the gaps between them grow larger, and this is perhaps what we are witnessing when we observe everything to be moving away from us no matter where we stand in this Universe. We are all trapped in the cycle of life and death and the Universe that was and is and will be are no exceptions. Those events are all a part of this reality. It is all happening at the same time.

It is most logical to me that there is this dynamic to the life-cycle of creation. The Universe is not static. Things do not remain the same.

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