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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

There's nothing permanent except change

Scientists at the University of Kansas have uncovered an interesting correlation between the periodic extinction of life on this planet and the motion of the solar system around the milky way, which itself is moving, or "falling", through space.

The fossil record has revealed evidence of massive die-outs occurring on this planet approximately every 63 million years. The Milky Way is moving through space while it is rotating and at the same time the solar system rotates in motion around with it, completing an elliptic also approximately every 63 million years. The leading (or "north") side of the Milky Way generates a shock wave as it moves through space. When the solar system passes through the north side it is subjected to a bath of cosmic radiation which adversely affects the life on this planet in many different ways. This may be the reason for all those mass extinctions.

There is something to be said for my theory that "Life is the rule rather than the exception" in a system which has all the necessary ingredients, because once through the hazard zone the earth sees a rebirth of life, with the arrival of a profusion of new species in the continual evolutionary process in this Anthropocentric Universe.

We now see the emergence of intelligent man and one might draw the conclusion that we are due for a new wave of extinctions, perhaps us included. In fact, our path through space should bring us into that next phase within the next ten or twelve million years according to Adrian Melott, UK professor of physics and astronomy.

That is not to dismiss all the other natural phenomenon like asteroids, comets and super volcanoes which also have the potential for catastrophic influence. Living is dangerous and violent and always subject to risk.

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