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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The virus as cavity resonator

The principle whereby a high musical note of the proper pitch and intensity can shatter a crystal wine glass can be applied to the destruction of the capsid, or protein wall, of the nucleotide component of a virus. A virus is essentially no more than a package of nucleotides surrounded by a protein membrane envelope. The capsid, and/or possibly the protein membrane shell itself, can act as a cavity resonator at frequencies obtainable by a femto-second laser. A laser pulse of very short duration is all that is required to cause the virus to self-destruct, leaving behind a harmless film of molecules. Experimentation on the satellite tobacco necrosis virus by Eric Dykeman and Otto Sankey, physicists at Arizona State University, showed that its capsid will resonate at a frequency of 60 to 90 gigahertz.

structure of a common virus

This is great news. Other methods which can kill viruses include ultraviolet radiation which is used to kill microbes on produce but which can harm human cells, and drugs which contain chemicals that can damage human cells or give rise to viral mutations which develop defenses against the treatment. Human cells are not harmed by the laser method, which is effective at energy levels 40 times lower than that which would harm the human T-cell.

This knowledge should clear up the average man's doubt on the issue of laser therapies in general. There is nothing magical about them. I foresee a time within the foreseeable future when merely by scanning an instrument over a patient for a second or two a physician can effect a cure of even the most insidious diseases.

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