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Friday, January 18, 2008

What is real and what is not

I wallow in a wave of messages which stir at times seemingly chaotic in the recesses of a mind that when it purports to be together cares not in a way that matters as to whether what it knows is "right" or "wrong" or just abnormally engaged. It only seeks the truth. It declares its right to think independently.

On the other hand, who is there to say that what I know is not the truth or right in any sense at all, even if how I come to know it is through deep investigations into the logic and common sense of things, which when measured against the tide of human accountability often finds itself misplaced or shrugged aside because it does not meet the desirability of delusion or pretense or satisfy the status quo's at times ridiculous established nonsense.

So maybe I had better stay with what I think to be so, for the messages that pass through me are sane and coherent to any who can see the real sense in how I think, not chaotic at all unless placed before some of those paper carriers of acceptable social mores who carry those permission slips of the obtuse and quasi-scientific string theorists and astrophysical cranks who say that the Universe has always been there and will continue to expand and contract like the beating of some colossal heart, as if an infinite amount of matter could really have been produced by something finite in principle — a singular explosion, the so-called "Big Bang".

Nonsense, The Universe came from nothing and will continue to create for infinity at the periphery. The Universe can only be observed from within.

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