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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The future of the taxi industry includes me

The conspicuous absence of regular new posts in my blog indicates that something must be happening in my life. Well, that's true. When you factor in the close to three and a half hours of commuting every day back and forth from class then my days are pretty full. Did I say class? I did, and one is never too old to learn anything, is one?

I've decided to take the Taxi Driver Training course for the City of Toronto. I've done cabbying before - in London, Ontario, on and off (mostly off) since 1976, for about seven years.

I was doing some web browsing about all things taxi and I came across this really interesting web site about everything taxi. In it, I found the following image of a coal-gas powered taxicab from the 1920's.

coal-powered taxicab from the 1920's

That's one proud cabbie standing next to his money-maker. He still had to refill the gas bag every fifteen miles, though.

It's no wonder that they went to those lengths in those days to economize. According to a post on this site, buying gas in the 1920's was equivalent to paying $10.00 for a gallon today. And we think we have it bad! Don't complain.

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