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Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Institute of Biblical Defense

Every once in a while I like to shake a few noggins clear with some radical departure from reality to deal with some real issues. What I like about The Institute of Biblical Defense is that it represents an opportunity to instill some 'thinking barbs' into creation theory. I sent them a diatribe of sorts..

Being the product of a catholic upbringing and education, I am not new to the concept of the “uncaused cause”, since this idea was once raised for discussion in our high school’s Man in Society class, back in 9th grade. As I think back on it, any student who suggested possibilities as to the nature of this uncaused cause probably made himself potentially liable to allegations of heresy, but such is the fertile young mind that one could easily be forgiven. I presume that it is not a sin to think. It also takes some considerable years of serious study and introspection to arrive at some plausible semblance of a rational explanation for reality.

The paper titled “The Cosmological Argument” contained smatterings of considerations already pondered in my past experiences dating from those early high school years. Having a natural tendency to extrapolate sense out of the complexities underlying a firm understanding of the fundamental nature of reality, I have decided that God and Science can be reconciled, that creationism and evolution can co-exist. In my research I have arrived at a model which, if Saint Bonaventure had known of it, would probably alter modern man’s way of thinking on the nature of God and of the Universe.

I will not expound on the full extent of my theories, just the gist of it, and ask that you consider the following:

• That the Universe was created out of the infinite density represented by nothing, which itself naturally represents infinite potential
• That creation occurs at the periphery of the Universe, and that it will do so for perpetuity, according to that infinite potential
• That space is as much a creation as the matter which displaces it
• That time began when the Universe began and that nothing came before it
• That creation eventually expires as it passes through its historical timeline, where what was once is no more, what is will pass, and what will be has every bit as much a finite temporal relationship with the time cones of past and future
• That God exists if only by virtue of the evidence which we have to support this belief, but in reality he represents, from our experience, currently the highest form of evolved intelligence

This brings us to what that “uncaused cause” was. Well, there was no uncaused cause! The Universe is created by the very profound and awesome depth of the idea that anything would exist at all, and that this impression manifests out of the potential difference which establishes itself as being relative to nothing. Intelligent life then must exist as a predisposition to the consciousness which must needs of course exist to initiate that very important and very heavy idea that begat it all. The idea is a premonition, which requires not the function of time, and which is nothing short of a foretelling of things to come. The entire Universe arises from a fractal expression, and can be considered to be predetermined. In that sense alone, it is an intelligent creation.

The matters of history and humanity’s affairs in it, and the “natural tendency toward human degeneration” are essentially irrelevant. Finite, corporeal, cognizant entities must exist to satisfy the requirements for the predisposition to that idea which began the creation. Evidence shows us that the evolution of life for any specific place in the Universe is an accelerating process, therefore if life had manifested as a single colossal and infinitely occurring entity, it would have grown obsolete over time. Different stages of creation from the beginning in the past to the periphery of the Universe have different temporal relationships, because energy is temporary for any place in time. It will unravel and dissipate, even as the periphery represents the beginning of time for perpetuity, and the WMAP cold spot represents the place where the dynamics of existence once occurred and which has since expired.

The bible teaches us that man is made in God’s image. In other words, he is like us, as much a product of the evolutionary and creative process of this Universe as are we, only he has about a billion years of evolution on us, making his capabilities even beyond our comprehension for the most part. Imagine what our capabilities, both technological and scientific, will be, if we are to survive in order to advance those arts for another billion years. We will probably also learn how to evict those energies from our corporeal and finite physical forms and to retain those energies which define our spiritual selves, to dwell forever in that realm that Carl Jung often referred to as “the Universal unconscious”. After all, the idea that a creator existed before this Universe existed is simply untenable, and to suppose that we are made in his image is therefore arrogant, egocentric, and vain, if this were so. How could God have evolved the same adaptations to an environment that had not yet even been created? Our legs are designed for running from predators - our arms, hands and fingers for fashioning the tools and creations of our civilizations. They are vestiges of the evolutionary process. Apes evolve into better apes, ants into better ants, bears into better bears. As humans, we became better humans and acquired a unique intelligence, possibly because we once pondered our origins, but also possibly because God facilitated this particular adaptation.

God is able to work miracles to save lives and bring about the conception of individuals without human intervention, and on and more. Understand that there is technology behind those interventions, and that at the level where God works his technological miracles there is a very deep logical understanding of the way things work - not magic. God is also constrained by the laws of physics and the quantum and relativistic nature of reality. If one refuses to believe that, than one is deluded by blind faith. The spiritual and physical realms are both contained in this reality.

One must remain practical, even at the risk of shattering the fragile illusion perpetrated by non-scientific and completely ideologically centered minds. That compendium of manuscripts, historical accounts, fables, poetry and song and parables etc, which writings by different authors occurred over a time span estimated to occupy 700 years or more and incidentally bound together into what are now referred to as “the holy scriptures”, are not infallible. Never mind the numerous rewrites, translations, interpretations, and accommodations that have been introduced throughout their history, they are what they always were - merely a collection of old manuscripts, important for their historical relevance and age. It introduces the concept of a God.

Nowadays, anybody can write a book. Back then, not.

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The unfolding events in regard to the CERN LHC/ALICE/ATLAS experiments, may challenge every preconception we have about everything! A reconstruction of the 'Standard Model', could lead to a further reconstruction of the 'Cosmological Model' as well. If they can sift the mathematical data concerning the Quantum Universe, then anything becomes possible. Answers should be forthcoming within the pre-planned decade (2009-2019), of LHC precision energy upgrades. This will lead to a more specific detailed analysis! There are a multitude of unanswered questions, such as the Accelerating Universe, Parallel Dimensions,...etc., that could be easily answered with the right mathematical formulae.

Remember: Follow the 'White Rabbit', and Go Ask Alice, I think she'll know!