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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thoughts on god and the economy

Here’s what I see happening in the world today, and how I might resolve things if I were boss.

The old system of an elite rulership overlording its minions is folding over onto itself and consuming it.

Unfortunately, that “elite rulership” is slow to catch up. Most are not – give them credit – but some are. The real problem is that the governments of this world have more or less configured themselves around an old system which pays lip service to the elite while it continues to exploit the working classes. That was a way that worked once for the sake of progress and economic growth, often unbeknownst to the elite, but not anymore. In one manifestation, this results in massive government employment which has been largely responsible for creating a definable middle class.

Wars have been fought for personal gain at the expense of others. Case in point - Russia has made war for no other reason than to acquire tasty produce which it did not have, resulting in a dearth of that produce wherever they campaigned for them - the Balkans, actually, and Afghanistan. The Russians are not to be blamed. They are just an example.

The current global economic situation can best be resolved by way of a paradigm shift of such proportions as cannot be readily appreciated.

By way of example, the common belief in a god who existed before anything else, and who created the Universe, is not just untenable, it is ludicrous. The point is, that so long as people have something to believe in which can never be verified or proved, then they continue to be happy to believe in it, and all is fine and dandy. When truth is realized, as a rule, people are happy to believe in it until they bore of it, and then move on to something else. My guess is that no-one who believes in this god will ever be unreconciled. Therein lies a great example of paradox theory.

That does not mean that god does not exist.

According to my education, humankind is made in the image of a god in which he or she is compelled to believe. But my range of perception is limited to a very narrow range of all the frequencies within the bandwidth of that spectrum which encompasses all. In fact, the perception of my visible optical range comprises just a small sliver of the entire optical spectrum. Even birds see more than I do. The same applies to my other four senses.

The concept of ‘other dimensions’ of reality must be appreciated within a rational context of limitations. There is no possibility of other dimensions existing with their own three dimensions of being, any more than there are any “other universes out there”. That makes no sense. The concept of other dimensions should be construed as the addition of parameters to the practical dimensional realm of this one three dimensional reality wherein creation has become manifest, because it is the only one in which it can manifest.

Therefore: the fact that a spiritual realm exists cannot be doubted by virtue of all the recorded experiences which provide the genuine proof of its existence, including my very own experiences. I must conclude that, within the entire spectrum of being, the spiritual realm co-exists with this physical realm wherein we find ourselves, which in totality constitutes reality.

As I see it, the lord of that higher spiritual realm - or god, as we have come to know him - is a very highly evolved and almost inconceivably complex being whose evolution predates ours by many millions, perhaps billions of years, and who has found a way to evict the physical limitations of his corporeal being, yet retain the identity of the self which is his spirit, and who has learned how to maintain it for perpetuity. That is a paramount technological achievement.

Not many can accept such an adjustment in the thinking of their beliefs. Such is the nature of a paradigm shift. It requires readjustment.

All of which brings me to the point of my discourse on the current global economic situation. As I see it, probably, phase two of the global economic future will see the large institutions that are bailing out the smaller ones over the current crisis fail, by over-extending themselves.

A drastic re-assessment of what we believe in the way that things have been done in the past is called for. It may very well be that a bizarre eclectic mix of all the tried politico-economic systems of the past must be implemented globally - a combination of socialism, capitalism, communism, democratic internationalism – what have you, so that we can guarantee economic security for everyone for perpetuity. All it takes is a bit of sacrifice. We, none of us, can continue to pursue the “American Dream” without a huge trade-off in material losses. Paradox, again.

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