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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Strings are too confining

Okay, so we've been to Mars, say (we know enough) and yeah, the "gods" once walked the Earth - read the second paragraph in the account of The Flood And The Tower Of Babel in the King James version of the New English Bible, the one that goes "In those days, when the sons of the gods had intercourse with the daughters of men, there were giants upon the Earth. Those were the heroes of old.". Then a new paragraph begins to introduce those giants – Noah, Moses, Abraham and all those other long-lived "prophets". (Yeah, the gods have figured out the secret to near immortality, but that didn't necessarily prevent them from being stung to death by scorpions or by succumbing to some other other 'act of God'. That's how Toth died. His crew couldn't get to him soon enough to save him).

There are real archeologically ancient skeletal finds the world over, including America, of a race of humans that averaged twelve feet tall. Some were up to eighteen feet tall. They were normally proportioned for their centre of mass, given gravity. Anyway, if you're interested in learning more, all I can say is look it up. We are all Googlers.

But right now I want to discuss very briefly a new analysis of Dark Matter and Cosmic Background Theory. Scattered elsewhere in this blog are various articles in which I touched on the photon background, and also virtual particles, as in the article about the Casimir effect for example. Apparently virtual particles are always popping in and out of existence out of the cosmic background. To my mind, if superstrings exist, then they must exist there, not in the present reality where material existence is more or less stabilized. But then, I never thought that string theory was viable in any event. In fact, I think that in reality the cosmic background is a matrix of sorts, with an organization of closely packed nodes much like a complex three dimensional weave. So – not strings, but nodes.

When you zoom in to see the smallest sub-atomic particles, we encounter a lot of space between them. In fact, if you scaled the nucleus of an atom up to the size of a golf ball, the outermost electrons would occupy a zone about twelve kilometres away. Similarly, space as a contiguous matrix has a pattern, and the fact that it has a pattern implies that there can, at the highest levels of zoom, be internodal interference which leaks energy that can stabilize and precipitate as cosmic dust, from 'between' those nodes. Not so much space between nodes, but boundaries defining each. Space dust are trapped 'virtual particles', really just energy which has manifest as matter in the only stable dimension in which it is possible to actually exist and be aware of it - ie. this one. That dimension is called reality. Obviously then the cosmic background is not perfect, but that is because of the dynamics of gravitational interactions in our constantly expanding 'firmament'. As virtual particles are constantly being produced, so do nodes continually reproduce, probably of course making that happen. It's all part of the program of continuity for perpetuity. It's a beautiful self-perpetuating cycle.

So, I think that Dark Matter is fresh space dust, not yet accreted into dense volumes by way of gravitic interaction. If we find that our observations suggest that this is happening alarmingly more and more, then one might want to assume that the Universe has stretched as far as it's going to go. Don't. The farther you look out, the more that dust gets in the way, that's all. No need to worry, it's all going to be around for perpetuity.

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