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Monday, September 8, 2008

Still waiting for the evidence

Scientists who are still searching for evidence of gravitational waves may have to wait forever. In an earlier post I did not deny the existence of gravitational waves and even suggested an alternative experiment to detect them. Thus far, the hundreds of millions of dollars in funding of the elaborate and ultrasensitive detectors designed to do that have not led scientists any closer to confirming their existence beyond the still theoretical justification for the expense.

It has occured to me of late that if my perception of how gravity works holds true, then gravitational waves do not exist, and therefore they will never be detected. Of course, even my explanation should be taken with a grain of salt, because it includes a description of those constituents of space which I call "space bosons", whereas in fact they are constituents which fall into a category all by themselves and which should not be confused with conventional force and matter particles.

We can analogize how gravity works by comparing it to photon entanglement. The principle of photon entanglement has already been demonstrated. In effect, it is possible to entangle two photon events without regard for the distance which separates those events, and this entanglement occurs over any distance, apparently exclusive of time. In other words - instantaneously.

I believe that gravity occurs in the same way. We can demonstrate just how this works by taking a stretchy fabric and observing that as we stretch the cloth it expands over all points simultaneously. As I see it, this is how space is affected by the presence of large objects. All points between the objects respond instantaneously as the objects vary their position with one another. The process is ongoing and occurring even now within our solar system as the bodies within it are affecting each other by continuously changing their relationships. Any comparison of this behavior to electromagnetic wave behavior is simply an erroneous interpretation of what is really happening. Waves do not play a role.

This theory fits into my model of the "expanding" Universe, wherein creation is an ongoing event at the periphery, where space, time, and matter are created in a perpetual scenario. This model also explains the uniformity of this flat Universe.

Space is indeed a three-dimensional fabric that traps the objects within it, and it is not comprised of nothing. Whether we will ever be able to detect that which to my mind is exponentially tinier than a quark remains to be seen. It is ironic that here again a paradox is at work, that the tiniest components of our reality comprise a whole which acts over a virtually infinite realm almost outside of the dimension of time, and which simultaneously contributes to the relative temporal framework between localities within this same whole.

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