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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life here, and "there"...

There are any number of great websites out there in cyberspace which deal with such otherworldly issues as alien artifacts and other anomalous features on the moon and Mars, and with more mundane subjects like evidence of alien visitors and/or their presence on our very own planet by way of archaeological and other evidence. In fact, there is enough "evidence" out there to have one wondering whether this planet is indeed our own. We might very well be guests here, for all we know.

Well, we know quite a bit, and it is safe to say that we are very much at home here on Good Mother Earth, and even if we aren't indigenous to this world we can at the very least satisfy ourselves by claiming ownership by way of what any rational soul must concede to be a safely presumed statute of limitations.

Not that there aren't some very compelling reasons to think that we are not alone in this great and wondrous Universe. In fact, I have done enough research to conclude that there are pretty good odds to support the idea that we have been visited in the past by some far out of this world characters, and by that I mean from other sources in this galaxy, whether from within our own solar system or beyond. Here, for example, is incontrovertible evidence - pictures taken of a ceiling beam at a 3000-year old Temple at Abydos in Egypt...

ceiling beam - top right beside column

And below is a closeup of that beam. It is evident from the fact that this was a carefully selected secluded site for these etchings and that the artist was without a doubt saving this information for posterity. It probably might very well have got him into trouble if he had carved them in a more prominent location.

closeup of portion of ceiling beam

Curiously enough, attempts to rationalize these hieroglyphs as 'palimpsests' by Egyptologists are defeated by evidence published by a respected Arab newspaper, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, of several photographs taken at another Egyptian temple, the Amon Ra Temple in Karnak, of similar hieroglyphs featuring flying machines, and which are also estimated to be around 3,000 years old. It is extremely unlikely that these artifacts are adultered hieroglyphs.

In 1898, in a tomb at Saqquara, Egypt, a very interesting and well-known artifact, among Egyptologists, was found - what seems to be a toy airplane. It was analysed and determined to have been created near 200 BCE. It is shown below.

over two thousand year old toy airplane

This brings me to the reason for this current post. I remain very skeptical of most of the online evidence, often quite bizarre, which compare obscure images of surface features taken by Mars rovers and orbiters, and Apollo astronauts, as well as claims of secret Apollo missions of which the general public, by design, knows nothing about, because when seen in their true light reveal nothing more than rocks and retouched photographs. However, there is some pretty irrefutable evidence to the contrary - witness the link to the image at the bottom of the right sidebar on this site. Having said that, I turn your attention to the image below. It is of a dust devil on Mars, a whirlwind of dust and sand particles which are very common on the surface of that planet, and which can easily be misconstrued when taken out of context as a UFO. In fact, they have been interpreted as just that by overly enthusiastic ufologists.

dust devils - really!

My message is, "The evidence is out there, just be very discriminating."

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