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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

LHC dangers unfounded

Kudos to the team at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Ultimately, the LHC's particle collision energies promise to be a feather in the cap of European particle physicists in that competitive arena. Whether they stand to learn anything new from their experimentation remains to be seen. What I think is certain is that any fear of creating a catastrophic event with those high energy beam collisions is completely unfounded and just plain ludicrous.

What might happen at the extreme is the possibility of slight damage to the collider during experimentation at those high energies. The existence of a photon background is supported by evidence of occasional spontaneous creation of electron-positron pairs during collision experiments, which must be sourced there. An event involving extreme energies may very well cause a very temporary disturbance, or "rift" (for lack of a better word) in that photon background, resulting in a cavalcade of unstable mediating particles. A resonating wave might be produced which propagates the energies producing it and pass those on to the material of which the chamber is constructed, and that might cause some damage, which in turn would just lead to automatic shutdown of the collider. The event can be considered analogous to a tsunami, which of course is just water, analagous to the photon background, and which returns to calm sea eventually.

It might also be that far greater energies than what the LHC can possibly generate might be required to create that particular event. Even were it to happen, it would still produce a wealth of useful information.


indaganthe said...

I really thought your arguments would ease my ill feelings. Now I am really worried.

S.W. Lussing said...

Did you miss the comment I made in the first paragraph: that the idea of a catastrophic event caused by the LHC is ludicrous? Or is it that you have no faith in my thinking? Rest your mind.

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