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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

LHC: Feeding the nasty Rumor Mill

1.18 Tera Electron Volts (TeV) today. Great. Just a few more..

* * *

It seems that people almost want to fear what the LHC may do to life in this reality, like creating a black hole that swallows up the earth and sun, or perhaps exploding into a mini big bang. My playful nature gets the better of me.

Here's a cool scenario that'll never happen. Or will it?!?! Think of this 'quantum event potential' peering over the horizon at CERN: if the photon background should "rupture", for lack of a better word, as it might, spilling a cascade of massive bosons into time and space, then technically the beam would continue accelerating into the same "place", since there is no dimensional space time reality beyond the photon background. In other words, no time and no place for the beam to travel. At that point it would be feeding itself until some quantum threshold is reached, then trading off in heat and cataclysmic reactions. Oh, no!

Think of it! Mankind might represent the only influence that meets entropy's definition of that Universal Tendency Toward Chaos, and humans might be solely responsible for nova and nebula and other such chaotic stellar events. Chalk it up to curiosity. Anyway, if there is an afterlife than all will be well. At least for we who don't work at CERN, because, of course, they will all be going to hell. If not, then we're not around to know any different anyway, so - c'est la vie.

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